iPhones at Fry's on June 11th?

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Matt over at Crunchgear got firsthand testimonial from a Fry's employee that the iPhone will be for sale in their stores on the 11th of June.... I repeat, the source is a store clerk, the source is a store clerk! Someone call CNBC so they can do a special report!*

That conflicts with CNBC's Cingular store clerk that the iPhone is coming on the 20th, and our own experience with the AT&T business marketing group that said the 11th. But they're all official employees, and obviously Jose at the Mall who works at the Cingular Shopping Wagon across from Burger King is 100% clued in to the inner workings of Apple.


Furthermore, when I pressed Matt for more info, he said that his source said that the info wasn't in the computer, but they'd heard it from somewhere. Maybe from a blog, maybe from a manager, maybe from the buyer, maybe from a dragon puffing smoke into his ear? Matt and I just don't know, so all we can do is report as rumor, and chuckle.

So, are Store Clerks the new Rumor Blogs? Or are they the Old Rumor Blogs?


Also, can several unsubstantiated iPhone reports snowball into one giant solid report? I just don't know.

Scoop: AT&T Wireless, iPhone Coming to Fry's Next Month [Crunchgear]