CNBC Says iPhone on June 20th (Plus Other Guesses with Unreliable Sources)

Here's that video of CNBC claiming June 20th is the day the Jesus Phone rises from the mist formed from the sputtering of millions of rabid fanboys. Almost all the gadget and Mac sites are writing about this, and incorrectly saying the source was an analyst. That's just not true. Watch the clip.


Their source? NOT an analyst like the Mac blogs are reporting (from a message board). No, they got it from a Cingular phone store employee, which is not exactly a fountain of certain info. Of course, you'd expect the iPhone launch date rumormongering to come from Giz (proudly) and other gadget blogs, but look, CNBC didn't even label this a rumor. Good thing no one reads this little "CNBC On the Money" thing. Not like investors or anyone who might buy lots of stock upon hearing the firm date.

But the 20th of June isn't the only date people are guessing. And of course, we've got our own based on some new reporting. (YES, I SAID REPORTING.)

Sure, is betting on the 20th, based on the clip above and coincidental finish date for the support staff's training session. [UPDATE: Arnold writes in to remind me that they're not betting anything, merely passing on the facts as they were presented. Thanks Arnie! ]

Some others are saying it's the 15th, as Cingular reps are being denied any vacation time for several weeks, starting on that day.

But last night, we conducted our own field report, and came up with June 11th as the date. Before you quote me on that, I'm not saying that it's what we believe, I'm just saying someone from Cingular told us that repeatedly. Here's the story of our own Dumb Guess.

Yesterday Chen, Wilson, Scott Kidder and I tried to open up Cingular Business accounts for Gizmodo. You know, for the iPhone. One rep in the Business Marketing Group told us the phone could be ordered on Monday, June 11th, which would allow it to arrive on the 12th for phone and online orders. The 11th happens to be the WWDC keynote date, but the 12th is a Tuesday, which is when Apple usually releases stuff. I heard this with my own ears and had it confirmed by a reader who emailed the same rep and received a confirm electronically. But I'd be irresponsible if I didn't tell you that we called four other reps and no one else would confirm anything. So what's our verdict? I don't believe this date, either, and guessing iPhone dates is pretty dumb. Just sit back and wait for it.


Just take it the fact that the rep said it to us for what it's worth, as we've heard about this date before from CNet, and who knows what people will say to make a sale.


What do I believe? In the end, it's going to come down to a Tuesday, and none of these dates are Tuesday.

Apple's only statement is that the iPhone is on track for "Late June."

iPhone Killers [, Thanks Ray Wert]

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HTC devices run windows mobile. Windows mobile sucks. This week, I used a Wing, and it said it didn't have enough memory to start the camera app, adn that I had to go to system/memory/something/something/something to close apps. Didn't have a button to go there directly. Is that the future of the phone?

Your opinion is great, but use the iphone first before you judge me or it. Thanks for reading.

(Also, we coined the phrase Jesus phone and its a joke.)