Rumor: Apple iPhone Out on June 11th (Fool us Once)

CNET grows huge, hairy balls, and makes a bold claim that the iPhone is coming out on June 11th. The source? A random Cingular sales agent they'd reached on the phone. Please hold, while I connect you to my...disbelief.

Haven't you guys learned anything?
June 11th is a Monday, and Apple maniacs know that The Company only releases stuff on Tuesday. Even if Cingular is doing the distribution, it makes as much sense as any that the phone will be released, according to Cult Tradition. Which doesn't change until Steve Jobs says it changes.

The better bet is the Tuesday of WWDC, which is the 12th.


iPhone on June 11th [CNet]



so if you don't believe a word of this article why would you post it? besides this is all speculation anyway. like i can just say it's coming out tomorrow and there, you guys would post it saying that a cingular customer says the iphone comes out tomorrow.