iPlunge, the Miniature Plunger iPhone Kickstand, Described In Words

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An iPhone 3GS, standing proudly in portrait mode or kicking-back in landscape. Unlike its boxy-successor, its edges are rounded, so something must be holding it up. But what? The iPlunge, a kickstand ingeniously designed to look like a miniaturized plunger.

It's a shame that Gizmodo's image servers are all out of whack, because otherwise you'd be looking at a huge photograph of a truly inspired iPhone accessory called iPlunge. They say a picture's worth a thousand words, and if there was ever a product that really made you want to take that literally, it was this one. That's a little ambitious, but here anyway is my portrait of the iPlunge, painted in words.


The plunger has always had a marginal existence, relegated to the shadows by our society's general disdain for poop and anything related to it. Many people don't know how to use one correctly, and its Wikipedia entry is a scant 200 words. Still, in terms of bathroom technologies, it is an indispensable one, and the fact that its design has remained unchanged for so many years is a testament to its utilitarian perfection.

But the plunger has enjoyed another life, one that it has lived out in the world of comedy. It's served as a punchline for TV shows like Family Guy and has been blended by the Will It Blend folks. Like all things that use the forces of suction, it can make funny noises and often does.

Both of these plungers—the useful, stoic plunger in your bathroom, and the playful, irreverent one you've seen stuck to some guy's forehead somewhere on the internet—are brought together in the iPlunge. Sticking it to the back of your device will let you stand it up in portrait or landscape mode, say, for watching a movie, but it does so with a sort of joie de vivre rarely found in accessories that specialize in standing up iDevices.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but when the iPlunge goes on sale for $5 this August, I think we'll find that a plunger's worth a thousand laughs. And while pictures and words come and go, washed away by the tides of time, it is our laughter that truly last forever, impressing mankind's indefatigable spirit on a vast, indifferent universe. [Perpetual Kid via Nerd Approved]


UPDATE: Images are working again, so now you've got 1,000 words on the iPlunge and a picture. Lucky you.

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No way! that was my invention for removing contact lenses! The Eye-Plunge! Foul! Foul! I'll sue!