iPod Shuffle Travel Case

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Although only applicable to a select few people—2nd Gen iPod Shuffle users who also have the in-ear headphones—this mod is pretty cool. Basically, you stick your iPod Shuffle into the case that comes with the headphones after you cut out the two little pins. That's all. So it's not really a mod so much as an organizational technique.


Now to find a way to make this a bit more Altoid-y.

iPod Shuffle Gen 2 (New One) Travel Case [Instructables via MAKE]

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Ok you haters I feel like i have to defend myself here!

One, It's a travel case! A travel a lot and I dont want to have my shuffle in pocket all the time with keys, coins and whatnow. If you put it in your backpack on its own theres a good change you wont find it again, or just scratch/crush the hell out of it.

Two, I hate those damm headphones too! I bought them when they come out couse i hated the normal ipod headphones for their lack of bass. I made a mistake but that was a few years ago. Actually if you go over to the instructable the first thing i say is warn people about this! DONT BUY THEM. And I also love my Porta Pro's, but it feels silly to use them with the shuffle couse its like having a car key thats twice the size of the car.

And third i just did it couse i thought it would be cool to have a branded shuffle box.