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iPod touch 2G redsn0w Video Shows Jailbreak in Action

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Click to viewWe brought you a pic of the Dev Team's iPod touch 2g "redsn0w" jailbreak yesterday, and just as the team promised, a video proving the hack works was up and ready for viewing today.

As with the yellowsn0w video we showed you last month, this video was brought to us by Dev Team member Muscle Nerd.


redsn0w, quite simply, bypasses the Apple anti-jailbreak protection that causes the device to stop booting up if a jailbreak were detected. It opens up a whole slew of applications that are not, or will never be, offered through the "official" channel, the App Store.


The official release for redsn0w is expected shortly. [Qik]