iPod Touch Has Bluetooth Support?

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According to this picture—found on the official German Apple website and still up at the moment—the iPod Touch supports unannounced Bluetooth. Look to the upper right corner near the battery gauge. Yup. Bluetooth. That is, unless Prince went back to symbol form, signed a contract with Apple and has his name stamped on every iPod Touch.


Either way, I'm good. [Gallery via fscklog via crunchgear]

Update: The iPod Touch does not have Bluetooth.

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C'mon people, this is nothing but an interesting graphical glitch. For what possible reason would Jobs hide this feature from the announcement? If it's got the hardware, they would have told us.

Bluetooth eats up battery life, and it would make the Touch a more direct competitor to the iPhone (especially if you could use it to connect the Touch to a cell modem). They are not going to give it to us. Besides, even if they did, it would be crippled with a very limited Bluetooth stack.