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iPod Touch Teardown Reveals Only 256 MB of RAM and No Vibrator

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We'd heard that the newest iPod Touch comes with a built-in vibrator for FaceTime notifications, but there was no such thing to be found when the gadget was torn down. And even worse? There was only 256 MB of RAM.

We certainly feel a bit ripped off after hearing about the lack of RAM in the device. While 256 MB is enough to keep things running smoothly, it's rather disappointing when we remember that we could get a far more powerful iPhone for the same cost as an iPod Touch.


As far as everything else goes, here are the highlights of the teardown according to the guys at iFixIt:

*This is the easiest iPod Touch we've ever cracked open — a bit of glue and two tabs hold the front panel in place. We hoped that the insides would continue to be repair-friendly, but then found that the front glass and LCD panel were permanently fused together. This will prevent dust from getting beneath the glass, but unfortunately will also make repair more expensive.

* Like all other revisions of the iPod Touch, the battery is soldered to the logic board. This isn't a surprise given the slim form factor of the iPod, but we wish Apple would make battery replacement easier, especially on a Touch that is now easier to open.

* Apple did add more space between the battery's three solder points compared to the 3rd Gen Touch. This should make the soldering job a little easier when replacing the battery, as there's less chance of accidentally bridging the contacts.

* The EMI shield is surprisingly heavy, weighing in at 11 grams. The entire iPod Touch is only 101 grams, meaning Apple has devoted more than 10% of the iPod's weight to this metal EMI shield.

* Unfortunately, the rear-facing camera is only 960x720 resolution. That's only about .7 megapixels, compared to 5 megapixels on the iPhone 4. Apple was forced to sacrifice still photo resolution in order to squeeze the camera into the Touch's slim package. Going forward, we expect Apple to adopt improved micro camera technology as better cameras come to market.

* For those of you who are wondering, there's no way the iPhone 4's rear camera can be installed in the Touch.

* In a first for the iPod Touch line, the headphone jack is not soldered to the logic board. There's also a liquid damage indicator on the bottom of the headphone jack, so don't use your Touch to stir the coffee.

* This primary antenna is situated near the front glass panel. Its new location eliminates the need for the plastic "window" found on the 3rd generation Touch. There also appears to be a secondary antenna located on the headphone jack.

* Contrary to Apple's initial claims on their FaceTime marketing page, the iPod Touch does not have a vibrator. Apple's website has been updated to remove this claim.


You can check out more photos of the teardown over at iFixIt. [iFixIt]