iRiver Clix 2, W10 Try to Steal CES DAP Spotlight

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Reigncom tries to makes its iRiver line of digital audio players as "cool" and "with it" as the iPod, but none of them have gotten it quite right yet. At CES iRiver is giving it another go with two svelte-looking models, the Clix 2 (left) and the W10. The Clix 2 looks to be gunning for the iPod Shuffle and will come in 2GB, 4GB and 6GB sizes. It makes use of an AMOLED screen, a new technology that should put LCD to shame. Meanwhile, the W10 now features Wi-Fi and will have built-in maps, with optional VoIP. Enough to knock the iPod off its high horse? Only time—and copious fondling at CES—will tell.


iRiver to unveil Clix 2 MP3 player with AMOLED [TelecomsKorea]

iRiver Displays W10 Supporting Discover Cities [TelecomsKorea via CrunchGear]

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