iRiver Pocket TV B10

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Remember the days of portable TVs just a few years ago when you were lucky if the TV was in color? ReignCom, maker of the ever-popular iRiver series of portable digital media devices, hopes you forget those days with the release of the Pocket TV B10, a (very) small portable TV that will no doubt do wonders for curing your TV addiction. It picks up TV signals via the still-new-to-us Digital Multimedia Broadcasting transmission standard. Called DMB by all the cool kids, the transmission method is still only really popular in South Korea, that great land of broadband. The Pocket TV's 2.2-inch screen looks quite good from the released screens, even if you're only watching somewhat limited content and the 4-hour battery life isn't too bad, either. Look for it in the near future (in time for the World Cup) in South Korea for about $136.

Pocket TV B10 (in Korean) [ReignCom via Ubergizmo]