Iron Man 2 Will Be Marvel's First IMAX Experience

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Well, that's one way of making sure that the second Iron Man movie will be bigger than the first. Marvel Entertainment announced yesterday that Jon Favreau's much-anticipated sequel will be shown in IMAX when it debuts this summer.

According to Marvel Studios COO Tim Connors,

The success of the first Iron Man movie catapulted the franchise from the comic books to theatre screens, and we're excited that the IMAX format will offer fans an even more immersive way to experience the sequel.


The movie will be remastered to take full advantage of the IMAX technology, although we're still left wondering whether talk of "immersive" means that there's another cinematic shoe called "3D" left to drop - After all, director Favreau has talked about wanting to use 3D in the movie before.

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