What are the brave astronauts aboard the International Space Station thankful for this year? Round the clock support from their international flight control team on Earth. Adorbs!

But just because they're in space doesn't mean they can't celebrate in style. Here's how Thanksgiving's going down 200 miles above the Earth. This is the feast the ISS crew will consume on Thanksgiving. Most of the food is dehydrated but once it's rehydrated it will be "very delicious," according to ISS Commander Kevin Ford.


Irradiated Smoked turkey


Baked beans
Russian mashed potatoes and onions
Potatoes au gratin
Candied, "thermo-stabilized" yams, combined with marshmallow creme


Russian apple dessert
Cherry-peach cobbler
Cranberry-apple dessert

Awww, you guys! We're thankful for your efforts in space! This glass of seasonal cranberry-peach drink with sweetener is for you. [Forbes]