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According to a rumor from the GPS Information forums, this is the upcoming Garmin handheld GPS unit called the "Colorado." You notice immediately that its design seems unconventional at best, while you wonder how one could operate the control pad without blocking the screen. It almost looks like a walkie-talkie when upright that features easy transformation to GPS mode when turned 90 degrees. According to one forum poster (a different person than posted the original picture), here's the full scoop on the Colorado:

I have had my hands on one of the prototypes, should be released spring '08. The large round button allows quick navigation to various functions from each page activated from options button on top right of unit (as you look at it.....opens a "window" on screen). Nice form factor overall, easy one handed operation and fast processor.

I work in a marine store and all the Garmin reps have 'em in hand to evaluate.

Nice unit, retail will be in the $500 + range, street price remains to be seen.

Interesting. We'll keep you updated. [forum via gpstacklog]


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