Is Google TV Getting a Siri Clone?

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Google's got a patent application out there for a Siri-like UI for Google TV. What does that mean for Google TV owners? Not much just yet, but it's a sign you're not totally abandoned.

The patent outlines a method of transmitting voice data to a TV through an Android phone or tablet, which would handle the voice-to-text processing for the TV. You'd be able to set up which shows you want to watch before you get home, and control basically all of your other gadgets as well, like cable boxes or Blu-ray players.


The patent doesn't mean that we'll see apps or functionality like this from Google, just that it's something being discussed, either as a potential product or defensively, to keep Apple from opening up too wide a lead. And of course, voice commands on a TV can be problematic. Still, it's good to see Google not ceding the entire smart TV market to Apple and AppleTV. [Patently Apple]