Is LG's Latest Gadget a Camera Or a Phone?

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It was inevitable that a manufacturer would one day stop cramming camera guts into a phone, and instead squeeze phone components into a camera. This is what LG did with the L-03C, which has specs to rival your own point-and-shoot.

Ok, so maybe not your favorite compact. Maybe just the one from a few years back, that you either keep in your drawer "just in case," or handed down to your sibling in a rare act of generosity.


The camera phone is destined for Japan where it'll be sold by the DoCoMo carrier in January. With all the styling of a retro compact, it also has a 12.1MP sensor with ISO range up to 3200, and while the Pentax 1:3.6-5.5 lens is only capable of a 3x optical zoom, it can shoot video in 720p and do geotagging thanks to the phone's GPS. There's also Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G connections.

Even when you flip the phone around to view the screen, it still looks more like a camera than a phone. I'm guessing there's some heft behind the phone too—that retro-styled grip is going to make for one huge bulge in the front pocket of Japanese boys' pants. [Akihabara News]