Google Wallet hasn't exactly grown into the beast Google probably wanted it to, but it at least had a major carrier—Sprint—in its backpocket. But now, as recent rumors and leaks suggest, Sprint is now working on a NFC-based mobile payment system of its own.


Android Central got its hands on some leaked slides which show what appears to be the UI for Sprint's new system, dubbed Sprint Touch Wallet. Like Google Wallet, the framework would not only support credit card payments, but also deals/discounts/offers from vendors and retailers.

Obviously this isn't good news for Google, which has already had problems getting its Wallet-enabled phones on other carriers, especially Verizon. But is this good for the concept of digital wallets in general? In theory, it doesn't matter how many different services there are because they can all use the same terminals in shops. But when it comes to getting corporations and consumers to embrace the idea en masse, it might be difficult when a handful of different services are fighting each other tooth and nail for supremacy, each tearing off their own chunk of card providers and retail partners. This could get ugly. [Android Central via Mobile Burn]

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