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Is the TouchPad Coming Back to Best Buy? (Update: Yeah, No)

Illustration for article titled Is the TouchPad Coming Back to Best Buy? (Update: Yeah, No)

It all happened so fast. First Best Buy denied being able to sell the HP's all-but-dead tablet during last weekend's firesale. A few days later they did, selling out quick. Now reports say they have more to sell. What gives?


According to Droid Matters, Best Buy employees have gotten memos letting them know that they can expect new shipments of TouchPads in the coming week. Customers will allegedly be given the opportunity to fill out a form that'll allow the store to let them know when the tablets come in.


Which is great! Except it's not totally clear if this applies to all Best Buys nationwide or just select stores. And there's no mention of how sales will be handled online. All I know is I don't feel like standing in line in the next state over just for a TouchPad. I'm not sure if it's that worth it. [Droid Matters via TechCrunch]

Update: According to Robert Lopez, a Best Buy employee, Best Buy stores received their final shipment of TouchPads between 8/24 and 8/25. No further shipments will be made. The ticketing system was to make selling the tablets fair to customers. Any stores that still have TouchPads just happen to have a few left in their stock. So that's that. [Thanks Robert!]

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Can someone explain to me whats so good about this tablet? I heard not to buy it because they were discontinuing support for it.