Is there a PSP Phone Coming From Sony Ericsson?

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The PSP seems like a platform that's ripe for VoIP-integration. A powerful CPU, WiFi, and a relatively sizable user-base. Its young-ish users are also quick to pick up new technology. Plus, Sony's phone brach, Sony Ericsson, probably could lend a hand or two in getting the PSP phone on its feet. So what's stopping it?

Another possibility is for Sony Ericsson to introduce a cell phone with PlayStation branding and some gaming capabilities. In fact, according to Sony Ericsson's senior vice president of Product and Application Planning, Rikko Sakaguchi, such a phone may actually be in the works. Sakaguchi cryptically revealed to CNET Asia that the company "is working on something" related to a PlayStation phone, but that "the surprise must be kept for the future."

Oooh, so maybe the Sony Ericsson branch wants to be make a cellphone with games, instead of having the PSP be a game console with phone features. I think I like this idea more. I'm not really a fan of holding a PSP up to my head. Even with my big melon, it'll still look silly.

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