Is This a Be-Halloweened Man or a Banksy Stencil?

Illustration for article titled Is This a Be-Halloweened Man or a Banksy Stencil?

We may be four days post-Halloween, but in my opinion costumes are good all-year 'round. Especially when they're as effective as George Schnakenberg's Banksy "flower thrower" stencil get-up. Bravo! [Craft via Boing Boing]

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I haven't seen it written yet, so I will step up and make the obligatory knee-jerk Banksy post.

/sharp exhale, rolls eyes, looks bored

Ughh... I used to really like Banksy, but now that other people have heard of him, he no longer qualifies as 'art' and now all these other people in the scene are better than him and were doing it first and weren't commercialized cliches of themselves. The fact that he has become successful and has been able to prosper because of his work is a disgrace to art worldwide. Particularly because I think I could do the same thing myself, but no one calls me a genius, ergo Banksy sucks and you're all sheep.