Is This Industrial-Grade Camera Clip Better Than the Standard Neckstrap?

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At first, I was skeptical a camera clipholder like this could be so small, function so casually and keep a DSLR in place. Then I watched the video. But I still question how many of us actually need this.

Former engineer-cum-entrepreneur Peter Dering makes a hard sell for his Capture Clip. But for us normal folk, I think we'd look like a bunch of assholes walking around with a DSLR stuck to our waists all day. And maybe it's just me, but it seems like having the weight of a full-bodied camera hanging from your belt or bag would get real annoying after about 20 minutes (or at least more annoying than your neck/shoulder).


HOWEVER, this seems like it would be great for professional photographers, who actually need to snap a shot at moments notice, or juggle multiple cameras, or change a lens. Plus the whole thing is made from die cast metal, and manufactured in factories that work with Boeing, so it seems like it'd hold up (barring any human error). And for that reason, Dering's kickstarter campaign is totally worthy of contributions. [Peak Design via Kickstarter via Digital Trends via PetaPixel]