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We've seen rumors that Samsung is bringing a curved screen phone to market, thanks to new bendy screen tech. Now @evleaks, a leaker with a pretty solid record, has dug up this supposed press shot. Man, if this is real, it's real weird.


What would be the purpose of this kind of rounded screen? Who knows. It's certainly eye-catching, but it's hard to imagine any practical purpose to be gained from that little dip. Maybe it'd fit to your face better? Samsung could probably make that argument. But if anything, it seems like it would actually help the phone take up more space in your pocket if you put it in "backwards." Great?

According to rumblings, the phone is going to be called the "Samsung Galaxy Round." That is, if any of this is true at all. But Samsung's come out and said they're interested in busting into the as-yet-nonexistent curved phone space, so expect this or something just as weird in the near future. Or maybe, just maybe, something really awesome. You gotta hand it to Samsung, if nothing else this is crazy. [evleaks]

Update: Apparently this beast is Korea-only, for starters at least.


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