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A storm more violent than anti-SOPA rage is sweeping across the otherwise serene plains of the internet. Families are turning against fathers, mothers against children, flocks against shepherds: is this advanced, non-Euclidian planking, or just something else entirely?

I maintain that it is. Planking, although broadly defined by as "the act of lying facedown for a photograph." Some might contend that it's a little more than that; perhaps lying absolutely flat, like a plank, is required. Some might say the surface itself has to be flat. Some are wrong.


The world isn't flat, nor is the alienating landscape of our urban centers. If we all lived in Kansas, this classical approach to planking might work, but in a world of crime, angles, corners, and ramps, planking has to grow as surroundings decay. I applaud this photographer, Sam Schubert, and her bravery in the face of orthodoxy. You might not want to call her a hero, but me? Well... [Sam Schubert via PetaPixel]

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