Is This the LG...Google Phone?

Right. Europe got this Google infused LG KU580 yesterday, loaded with utilities like GMail, Google Maps, and search. Outlets like The Register are calling this The Google Phone, perhaps in jesting reference to the previous rumors. We doubt a phone preloaded with apps you can download free is The One.

But the subtext, if there is one, could be that the 3g phone, 2MP camera phone with chocolate stylings is a sign of a budding Google and LG relationship.


Previously, HTC and Samsung were the suspected partners for the Google phone. I suppose we can add LG to that list. But let me be clear. This is just watercooler talk. I place odds at less than 5% that anything like a fullblown Google handset will come from LG.

LG locates Google phone in Europe [The Register via My iTablet]


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