Is This the Most Popular Photo on Instagram?

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This might be the most liked photo on Instagram. Which would be a pretty sad but totally understandable indictment of Instagram. Thing is, we're not sure. There's no real way to know, but FWD tracked down a pretty educated guess.

So here's the story with Biebs and Selena up there: Apparently, there is no way to filter a search for an Instagram photo by likes, so there's no concrete way to know who snapped the service's most popular photo. (This is where you say, "No filter. Heh.") So FWD's Matt Buchanan went to work on the two most popular members, Bieber and Gomez, and found the most liked photo among either of their accounts. That's it up top, and it's probably a pretty good guess.

But for all we know, there could be a similarly famous member who racked up an even more than the 15,278 149,307 likes that this one has. Or it could just be some random shot, like the longtime most popular photo on Flickr. Seen a pic with even more likes than this happy couple? Give us a shout. [FWD]


Update:We originally published 15,278 likes, which was the number for a different picture. Sorry for any confusion!

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Well, considering instagram is mainly for tweens, I'd say that sums it up pretty well.