Is This the New Apple Logo?

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Put your Apple Kremlinology hat on, folks, and look at the colorful logo on the right of this image. That was the logo that Apple used today to close their presentation, which they usually close with their metal logo.


Is this Apple's new logo? I hope so!

I hope so because:

I love the rainbow.


I love unicorns too, their ribeyes and tenderloins specially, rare.

I used to love the old Apple logo and this is like, you know, a modern version.

It looks like Apple's color picker.

Tim Cook is gay but gray, he needs all the color he can get.

I hate fake surfaces when it comes to graphic design (I'm looking at your stupid leather underpants and calendars, Scott Forstall).

I have pills that make everything look like this Apple logo.

Seriously, it's nice. It gets me back to my old Mac years, when all of you didn't know what the hell Apple was. You probably weren't even born back then. Whatever. It's just nice to look at.

Jon, I hope you are behind this. And I hope beige will be the new aluminum.



Naaah that would be a little absurd.