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Is This the Next-Gen iPod Nano With Built-In Camera?

Illustration for article titled Is This the Next-Gen iPod Nano With Built-In Camera?

We'd been hearing things about digital cameras in the next-gen iPods, but we thought it'd be in the touch. iLounge has mocked up the next-gen iPod nano using details from a source they say "has a perfect track record for accuracy." It's got a camera in its butt.


According to their mockup, it's almost exactly like the current nano, but the screen aspect ratio is wider (1.5:1) and the click wheel+button has been squeezed down. They've got no other details, like megapixels or storage capacity or if it'll shoot video (which would be amazing as a casual camera if you think about it), but we can assume if it's real, we'll see it in September, like always.

It would also solidify Apple's push into imaging, since it would conceivably mean that every iPod is getting a camera (well, maybe not the classic, if it survives the year). Kind of exciting from the angle of putting a camera in every single pocket, even if thinking about the lens in that thing makes our eyeballs ache. But maybe nanolomography wouldn't be so bad. [iLounge]


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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Why is there a need to cram a camera into every mobile device these days. People who have an iPod probably already have a cellphone as well and every cell phone these days has a camera.