Is V In Trouble Because ABC Is Scared Of Aliens?

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Hidden in a recent report about the reformatting of Day One is a strange rumor about why ABC's relaunch of V is in such trouble: Is the alphabet network afraid of one of the most basic ideas behind the show?


Entertainment Weekly speculates that both the Day One mini-series change and V production stoppage are the result of broadcast networks getting worried that science fiction doesn't play well with mass audiences, and offers up this surreal rumor as proof: fact, one rumor making the rounds is that V characters aren't even allowed to use the word alien to describe the visitors that arrive via spaceships, though ABC denies this.

On the one hand, it wouldn't be too hard to imagine that this rumor comes from the V-esque rule that the aliens are always referred to as "Visitors," because it sounds friendlier, is part of their evil master plan and provides the show with the initial that it uses as its title. But on the other, V is all about an alien invasion. You'd think that, if ABC was nervous about using the word "alien," they wouldn't have gone ahead with the series. Then again, an ABC insider does tell EW that, when it comes to science fiction programming, "It's all about trying to find the right balance [between SF and non-SF elements]."

With the show now running in two "pods" separated by months, the production still on hiatus but ABC continuing to release promo clips for the November debut, there's an air of confusion surrounding what should be one of the more high-profile, exciting launches of the year. Here's hoping that ABC manages to get everything back on track - and does something to dispel all the rumors surrounding the problems for the show - soon, before it turns into this year's Dollhouse



Will everyone PLEASE stop behaving as if network programming executives have anything like human intelligence? Name one instance (I am not being rhetorical here) ONE INSTANCE when a (major) network has been insightful or on the mark with regard to their audience. To my (admittedly) limited knowledge, this has never happened.

I do not think I am exaggerating to say that networks program through wild speculation about shows and concepts they barely understand for an audience they do not know nor have ever met.

I welcome all criticism or correction with due humility and conscience.