Morena Baccarin Is Your Alien Icon In New "V" Clips

Image for article titled Morena Baccarin Is Your Alien Icon In New "V" Clips

If Firefly's Morena Baccarin told you that you weren't bad-looking yourself, what would you do? Hand over your planet to her? Us too. The aliens' insidious plan is already working perfectly, judging from new V clips.


A couple new sneak peeks from the pilot, which airs Nov. 3, turned up online. One of these clips is similar to the clips we posted a while back, the other appears to be totally new.

We saw this pilot at Comic Con and enjoyed it a lot — so here's hoping all the network's tampering and the decision to put the show on extended hiatus, and air only four episodes before going on a long break, haven't killed it before it starts.



See, this might already be a self-fulfilling prophecy. I was super-excited about watching this (and I'm sure I still will), but now after all the reports about problems and hiatus(es), my enthusiasm is dwindling, maybe to the point where I won't watch just cause I assume it'll get canceled and why bother getting invested?