Is Zac Efron This Generation's Marty McFly? Warner Brothers Thinks So

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Zac Efron has two new movies in the works, one that sets him up as the next time-traveling teen heartthrob. The other: A flick where everyone is out to kill him, we can get behind one of these premises.

Deadline Hollywood is spilling the details on two interesting films coming out from that mop-headed kid with the ridiculous abs.

The first film is a spy thriller based on the comic book Fire by Brian Michael Bendis, in which Efron will not only have sex with someone named D.D., he will also partake in government ordered assassinations, and eventually go all Jason Bourne on everyone when the whole of the CIA attempts to murder him. This film is for Universal.


The next feature is a combination of two scripts, which everyone is now dubbing the "new" Back To The Future. The first is titled Algorithm, which was being developed by the people behind Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The second is an untitled pitch from Tim Calpin and Kevin Jakubowski, who wrote Assassination of A High School President. And that is all we know besides the Hollywood buzz that this project is supposedly generating as the next Back To The Future,and that it's being made by Warner Brothers. Can you get behind Efron as the next McFly-esque character?

Before you all begin with the hate, I have a confession. I loved Efron in the age-reversal film 17 Again . Just sayin' — it's definitely one of those movies you should check out if you're sick and bedridden all day. You will laugh. That being the case, I'm giving him a bit of credit on these upcoming films, as long as he doesn't cheat out or cry over the girl next door.