ISIS State-Building Manual Leaks Online

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The Guardian has published a 24-page Islamic State manual online which describes how the terrorist group is attempting to become an independent state in Iraq and Syria—from propaganda operations to plans for creating a self-sufficient economy.


The manual, which you can see below, is said to have been written last year, some time between July and October 2014. It’s called ‘Principles in the administration of the Islamic State,’ and it describes many of the ways in which ISIS plans to become an increasingly organized presence. It describes government departments, a treasury, centralized control of oil and gas, development of foreign relations and, of course, how to create a slick propaganda machine.

The document describes how Isis will trains it forces in the future, too. From the Guardian:

[I]t details how Isis will build separate training camps for regular troops and veterans fighters. Veterans, it says, should go on a fortnight’s refresher course each year to receive instruction in the “latest arts of using weapons, military planning and military technologies”. It says they will also be given a “detailed commentary on the technologies” of the enemy and “how the soldiers of the state can take advantage of them”.


The document is said to be just one of 30 handed over by a businessman working within Isis. The release of the document comes soon after Hilary Clinton made a nonsensical plea for Silicon Valley to help disrupt Isis.


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“government relations”? Which countries are going to want to have formal relations with ISIS? North Korea, the Sudan? That’s hysterical.