Isn't Premium Inflatable Furniture an Oxymoron?

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We're not so certain that investment in inflatable furniture is a good idea (unless you live on a houseboat or something), but Dutch comapny Blofield is prepared to sell you premium Chesterfield-style chairs and sofas.


Constructed of PVC and vinyl, the 1, 2 and 3-seaters are intended not so much as pool novelties as permanant living room installations. Maybe that's why Blofield starts the pricing at $532 and inflates it all the way to $950 for their largest pieces.

Seriously, this is balloon furniture made of carcinogens. $1000?? The only possibly worthwhile use would be to fill a chair with helium to tether yourself over a football stadium to catch a free game.


...OK, so maybe Blofield has an unbelievably awesome idea after all. [Blofield via Cool Hunting]

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"Seriously, this is balloon furniture made of carcinogens."

A lot of normal furniture emit carcinogens too, so there's no difference there! For example the formaldehyde that Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) emits, or the PBDE fire-retardents in mattresses and upholstery.