Isolation Tank Makes You Hallucinate, Get One Free, Become a Nutcase

"Comedian" Joe Rogan has got himself a new 7-foot tall isolation tank, and he is giving away his old one. This was created after the 1980s movie Altered States, in which the protagonist—played by William Hurt in his first role—uses it to get in touch with "ultimate reality." Isolation tanks deprive you of your physical senses and, according to Rogan, they make you have hallucinations with no secondary effects or addiction. Sounds weird? Yes. That's why we got deeper into this whole altered states thing.

While Rogan says it doesn't create addiction, he seems quite enthusiastic about it and the psychedelic experiences he claims the tank puts you through. Enthusiastic enough to have created a new, larger version, a soundproof 11-feet tall box filled with 11 inches of water and 800 pounds of dissolved salt.


The salt makes you extremely buoyant, and combined with the a 93.5 degrees F water temperature—the same of the skin—lying on the water makes you feel like there's no end to your body. You don't feel anything and, 15 minutes after you are in, he says you will start having weird visions and pseudo-astral trips. And although he has a machine pumping pure oxygen into the chamber ("it's good for the brain," he says), according to Rogan the crazy effects come to you without any kind of drugs.


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In the movie Altered States, however, William Hurt's character uses more than pure oxygen. Taking hallucinogenic drugs to get back to a "primordial state" and discover the origin of life, he almost destroys himself after going through a monkey and a giant amoeba, only to get rescued back into human form by his wife at the last moment. Looking at this picture, Rogan seems to be getting into the monkey stage now.

All this can be yours for free, dear reader, straight from a guy who doesn't believe that humans landed in the moon, September 11's WTC 7 was imploded and JFK's assassination was a conspiracy. Contrary to rumors, however, the free tank doesn't come with a tinfoil hat. You'll have to do one yourself. [Joe Rogan —Thanks to Brian Reichle, who made the video and send it to us]


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So is this like one of those full-body machines that give you a wash at the mall? ^_^