It Takes 30,000 Downloads a DAY just to Crack the iOS App Store's Top 10

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If you think the whole mobile apps craze is just a fad, consider this statistic: any free app in the iOS App Store's top 10 list is receiving at least 30,000 downloads a day. A DAY! For the US alone! That's madness.

Research firm Distimo put out the first in a series of posts attempting to cut through the mystery of the iOS App Store. They found that more people download apps on the weekend (not shocking), and that it takes considerably less apps to crack the top lists in other countries (also not shocking).

But what about the top 2 or 3 free apps? Some developers on Quora say that depending on the day, those apps are doing 200,000-300,000 downloads. If that's true, that's wild. And if it's a particularly busy day, it may take as many as 80,000 downloads to crack the top 10.


Granted, it doesn't mean that those are all active users, or that such a rate would be sustained. But for things like multiplayer gaming, it basically ensures that you'll always have someone on the internet to square off against. [Distimo via Inside Mobile Apps]