It Turns Out There's Even a Tiny Iron Man Inside That Hulkbuster Figure

If you thought you'd seen all the wonderfulness there is to see with Hot Toys' 1:6-scale Iron Man Hulkbuster figure, you were wrong. It's apparently hiding even more secret details the company is slowly revealing. Like not only is the figure's helmet removable, but it actually pops off to reveal a tiny Iron Man Mark 43 bust on the inside.


Unfortunately there's one other secret that Hot Toys recently revealed about the figure that you might not find as awesome: the price tag. When it's finally available in early 2016 the 21-inch tall masterpiece will cost a hefty $825. Definitely expensive, but when you crunch the numbers that breaks down to just shy of $40 per inch if that makes it easier for you to drop so much coin on a toy. [Facebook - Hot Toys via Toyark]


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