There's nothing quite like the soothing and comforting sensations brought about by having vibrating objects on your person. Japanese manufacturer RWC takes this idea and runs with it with its iTan ITN-VR10, a pair of vibrating headphones that should be compatible with all electronic devices with a 3.5" headphone jack. Unless the Google translation is lying, there's a switch on the headphones that switches the vibration function on and off, which accompanies the more bass-heavy sounds.

RWC is suggesting that the vibration function will bring people "into" whatever they're listening to, be it video games or arena rock. You really can't argue with the price, though, which is only about $34. It's due out in Japan on June 26 in both black and white, so be prepared to hit the local importers.


Press Release (in Japanese) [RWC via OhGizmo!]

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