Illustration for article titled Its 12/12/12—the Last Major Numerical Date in this Century

December 12, 2012 is an extremely special date! It's the last major numerical date of this century. There was 01-01-2001, 02-02-2002 and so on—until today. There's no 13th month, so there's no way this will happen again until the XXII century.


Not that the Universe gives a damn about our completely arbitrary Gregorian calendar, but whatever. I like repeated numbers. And Woz loves repeated numbers and pretty figures. Everyone likes them, I think.


Even NASA and NOAA, who took this image of Earth with its GOES-15 at 12:00am UTC (7:00am EST), just for fun. It shows the state of Earth at that time over the Pacific Ocean. Clear skies except for tropical storm Evan, which is now about 145 nautical miles west of Pago Pago, American Samoa. [NASA Goddard]

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