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It's A Bike Jim, But Not As We Know It

Illustration for article titled Its A Bike Jim, But Not As We Know It

Designed for 10 - 15 year olds (kids get all the fun, grumble grumble), this Big Eye Cruiser bike can be adapted whenever the teen has a growth spurt, with the frame stretching horizontally.


The frame, with the comfortable-looking seat, can be angled to suit the user's height, and even sex. It's a concept by Claudia Baer, Anna Wiesinger, and Marlene Klausner, but actually very practical—unlike a lot of other concepts we feature on here. [Yanko Design]

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Bike shop owners and mechanics: I'm a bike shop owner as well, and I love when people think outside of the box. If auto designers design cars so that car mechanics don't have to learn new ways of working on a car as technology progresses, we'd all be driving Model T's. Slow, rough, stinky. I occasionally like riding a diamond-framed bike, but much prefer recumbents, folding bikes, and trikes myself. Hopefully cycle companies don't go the route of redesigning the same thing over and over with different stickers and paint colors, or of designing for planned obsolescence as the car companies do. I do hope that they allow industrial designers to be creative and brainstorm ideas.