It's Amazing How Much Retouching Goes Into Even a Rolex Photo

We know how extreme photo retouching can get when human bodies are the focus. But what about when the subject is an inanimate object? This time-lapse shows the insane levels of doting that go into make a Rolex watch look its absolute best.


The man behind the scenes is photographer Andreas Jörg, who shot the photo and retouched it himself. FStoppers reports that the retouching process took two hours, which Jörg sped up to create the 9 minute video.

It really shows how photography is just the starting point for advertisers who want to create a memorable image of a person or product. Once a preliminary visage of an object is captured, the digital artist sculpts it into whatever idealized representation they wish.

That's not to take anything away from the skill of the photographer. The shot of the Rolex before any retouching is splendid and impactful, even without any editing. But it's a different beast entirely when all is said and done.

Before retouching:


After retouching:


[Petapixel via FStoppers]

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