It's Like Project Natal For Your HTC Evo 4G

Soon, you'll be able to control Android phones with a front facing camera through hand gestures. Brush left and right to move through photos, wave up and down to scroll through web pages, it's a non-touchscreen from the future.

Eyesight Mobile Technologies is the company behind this hand gesture initiative. Though they've dabbled with this technology in the past with Nokia devices (to little success), they're confident that Android users will take to this "natural and intuitive way" to control your phone. We think as cool as this is, phones aren't quite the right devices for hand gesture controls. People want their phone to respond fast, fast, fast and waving like a crazy man to tell it to pick up an incoming call isn't quite the way to do it. Unless they speed up the reaction time to that of a touchscreen, hand gestures won't control our phones just yet.


But, if Android games can take advantage of this technology, it'll be like having Project Natal on the go! [GigaOM]

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