Its Nearly a Watch

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What time is it? "Two hairs past a freckle, Eastern Elbow Time," says the Talus AboutTime, the watch that doesn't really care what time it is. Well, it's a little more exact than that. It notifies you of the time of day with breezy, insouciant phrases such as, it's coming up on a quarter past 8, or it's a bit past 5, or it s nearly 1 thirty. For those anal types who really must know exactly what time it is, a click of the crown takes you back into the world of reality-based timekeeping. Talus plans to have another model in its lineup called the Talus Timeline, an elongated rectangular watch where the hour numeral starts at the top and slowly floats down as the hour progresses. I suppose these watches, neither of which has been manufactured yet, would be great for those of us bloggers who make up the ranks of the pajamahadeen, but for button-down office types, not sure the boss would care for the idea of you showing up for work at around 10.

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