It's Secret History Week on Gizmodo and io9

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You’ve heard the official histories of your country, your computers, and your shoes. But do you know what really happened? Join us for a week of secret histories at io9 and Gizmodo, where we reveal the truth behind the half-lies you’ve been told.


Inspired in part by Matt Novak’s site Paleofuture, which has long chronicled the world’s forgotten histories for Gizmodo, this week will bring you stories about everything from secret military experiments, to little-known tales about the founding of Australia, colonies in unknown lands, forgotten space satellites, hushed-up scientific discoveries, and more. I expect by the end of the week, your minds will be blown and you’ll be subscribing to at least one new conspiracy theory.

Can you handle the truth? Maybe not. We’ll find out, during secret history week!

Image: Detail from Psyche Opening the Golden Box (1903), by J.W. Waterhouse

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