It's Still True: Music Pirates Buy More Music

We've been here before, so no long post necessary, but it's worth mentioning, again, that illegal downloaders, the alleged scourge of the music industry, are really the ones who buy the most music.

So says a new survey out of the U.K., anyway. [The Independent via Boing Boing]



Anyone have a link to the actual study results? I'm intrigued, 'cos I kind of think the conclusion being read into it isn't exactly what people think it is.

As far as I can tell, they surveyed 1000 people from 16 to 50 with internet access and then asked if they downloaded music illegally. 1 in 10 said "yes," and, apparently, those 10% spend £77 per year on music, compared to, presumably, £44 per year for the others. Which all begs the question of how many of those other 900 people actually acquired *any* music in the past year.

The other oddity is that if you run the averages, it means that out of the 1000 people represented, they averaged £47.3 year on music. That seems rather strange, given that I've read elsewhere that the average person in the UK spends £67 per year on music. You could therefore argue that the average person in the UK with internet access spends £20 per year less on music than those without.

It would seem to me that the results would be much more relevant if they surveyed people who purported to be music fans. Just sayin' that reading this article and concluding that pirates are the bread and butter of the music industry is kind of horse hockey. #torrents