iTunes Blocked in China Over Free Tibet Album?

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Over 60 comments on one Apple forum thread relate to problems downloading music from iTunes in China, and now it's believed that China has blocked access to Apple's store altogether. Apparently there's some correlation with the restricted access and the release of a pro-Tibet album by The Art of Peace Foundation, "Songs for Tibet."And while it may seems like a nasty stereotype to jump on the Chinese government for internet censorship, various IT analysts around China have agreed that the government has most likely cut the lines to the iTunes store. From PCMag:

The core URL "seems to be stopped on the China side" but worked when accessed from abroad, said Danny Levinson, CEO of a digital direct marketing company in Shanghai.


Thank goodness I'm in the USA where I have unfettered access to all the Monkees my iPod can hold. [PCMag]

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No, just that enough of them are so that such a stereotype can form and be propagated. Similar to how there's a stereotype about Japanese and eye-glasses. Do all Japanese wear eye-glasses? No. But enough of them do, and hence the stereotype.