iTunes on Windows Mobile 5.0...maybe

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Now these pictures look pretty good but there's always the chance that they're mockups or fake or whatever. Either way, some German dude is saying he's got iTunes going on Windows Mobile 5.0. It sort of makes sense since I'm sure Apple would love to hop on that bandwagon as well. The interesting part is that the picture is of a T-Mobile phone and a T-Mobile/Apple deal has always been floating around somewhere. It also seems to be a full-blown version of iTunes according to our man here:

I did not have the time for an in-depth test yet but it seems that it is not limited in the way the Motorola ROKR is. Nevertheless I was not able to sync it with a PC/Mac iTunes yet since there are no drivers (and I haven't got any) I successfully copied 1 GB of MP3/AAC files onto a SD Card and I could play it all. When I inserted the SD Card iTunes automatically searched for media files and rebuilt it's library. After some seconds I could start listening.


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