iTunes Remote App for Android Looks Fantastic

One of our favorite apps for the iPhone is the iTunes remote, so we're thrilled to see one for Android. Jeff Sharkey says that he reverse engineered the remote protocol from the iPhone and touch and used it to create an iTunes remote for Android (a process he details here). As you can see in the video, it looks amazing and works perfectly in the Android emulator, just like Apple's (in the real thing, you won't actually have to enter the IP address or pairing code). Since Jeff is already a $275,000 winner of the Android Dev Challenge, we're hopeful it'll work just as beautifully on a real live handset. [Jeff SharkeyJ


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Stacky Botrus

This is ALL great and everything, BUT... I like that app (when I had an iphone 3g) that allowed you to stream your music from anywhere to your iphone.. I cant remember the name, but you downloaded a client to your PC and created an account - it also provided lyrics from lyric wiki as well on the phone as the song was playing.. nice.