Marvel's She-Hulk Adds Jameela Jamil as the Villain

The Good Place star will play Titania on the Marvel Disney+ series opposite Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany.

Tahani (Jameela Jamil) holds an axe in a scene from NBC's The Good Place.
Jameela Jamil is going from The Good Place to the
Photo: NBC

After the defeat of Thanos and restoration of half the the galaxy, the Marvel Universe seemed like a rather good place to live. So it’s fitting that a star from The Good Place is now on her way to stir shit up. Jameela Jamil, who played Tahani on the hit NBC show, is joining Marvel’s upcoming Disney+ series She-Hulk as its villain.


According to Variety, Jamil will play Titania. Real name Mary MacPherran, Titania was once a social outcast given the chance to gain super powers by Doctor Doom during the events of the original Secret Wars. Transformed into a giant, domineering woman with super strength and durability, Titania was recruited into Doom’s army of supervillains, and quickly made herself a rival to She-Hulk, kickstarting an on-again, off-again rivalry that’s lasted for decades of comics. Here, she’ll be in opposition to lawyer Jennifer Walters, played by Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany, who is a cousin of Bruce Banner and gains his Hulk powers. Mark Ruffalo is reprising his role as Banner on the show, which will also co-star Renée Elise Goldsberry (Hamilton) and Ginger Gonzaga. Tim Roth will reprise his role as Abomination.

Jamil is an interesting choice to play a villain because in her real life, she’s anything but. She’s a strong feminist voice who regularly speaks out in public about a litany of important issues. Kind of like, we assume, She-Hulk will on the show. However, on The Good Place, her character was cunning in a bunch of unique ways. You never quite knew what she was thinking or up to, and she could jump all over the emotional spectrum. It’ll be very fun to see how evil she can get here, and what if any visual effects or costumes the series uses to bring Titania to life.

Jessica Gao is She-Hulk’s head writer and executive producer. She’s sharing those EP duties with Kat Coiro, who’ll also direct some episodes. The show is likely to hit Disney+ sometime next year along with Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight; the former started shooting earlier this year and the latter is gearing up for production.

How do you feel about bringing Titania in as the villain of She-Hulk? And do you think Jamil is the right choice for the part?

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So I’m gonna rant.

Superhero media has done well casting dudes that actually look similar to their comic counterpart as far as physiques go, but is still dropping the ball when it comes to casting women. It’s so weird how all the leading and relevant male characters are all friggin swole and yet the women are so waifish even after “working out”. I think there was a pic circulating showing how Tom Holland has a bigger and rounder backside than Brie Larson. It’s the same for the DC side of things. How?

Are there no brickhouse women in Hollywood? Or those capable of packing on the pounds of muscle? Titania is drawn as a friggin amazon with a huge ass and big thighs in the comics yet they chose this skinny woman to portray her..... smh.