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When James Bond isn't too busy killing Russians, blowing things up and banging 10s, he's bringing his valuable data with him wherever he goes. Word is he uses this special edition Micro Vault James Bond USB drive from Sony. The drive comes pre-loaded with the trailer for Casino Royale as well as four high def wallpapers from the film. Even nicer is the Virtual Expander program that compresses certain types of files so as to "expand" the storage size by up to three times.

The USB drive comes in 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB sizes and all of them feature that piano black finish, the same piano black that the PS3 uses. It should be out sometime this month, with the 1GB version carrying a $55 price tag. Mindless movie tie-in? Yes. But it's not just any movie, it's James Bond, the gadget geek's idol.


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