See deep into space with a Webb model on the wall

Instead of turning to companies like Northrop Grumman, the Cellar Nerd sourced their gold-tinted mirrors from Amazon, which meant having to wait until they actually arrived to get accurate measurements to design and construct a frame to mount them to. The frame was mocked up in 3D in Autodesk’s Fusion 360, but instead of creating all the parts using a 3D printer, the Cellar Nerd instead reached for their trusty jigsaw and a slab of plywood.


To make the mirror worth staring at even for those who aren’t vain, the Cellar Nerd replaced the sensors in the center of the Webb Space Telescope’s mirror array with a salvaged 15.6-inch laptop screen connected to a Raspberry Pi 2 that holds actual images captured by the real telescope and scales them to fit the visible part of the screen as part of a passive slideshow. Eventually, the Cellar Nerd plans to update the mirror to automatically retrieve new images from the Webb Space Telescope as they’re shared online, to add to an ever-growing slideshow.