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Jamie the Trickster is a webcomic about a man and a woman who happen to be the same person

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There are plenty of folks who don't fall into clear categories of "male" and "female," but the protagonist of Chloë Dalquist's Jamie the Trickster falls on both ends of the spectrum. Able to shift from apparently male to apparently female at will, Jamie is on a mission to change the world, but needs to find the man and woman destined to help that change along.

Jamie the Trickster doesn't actually start with Jamie, but with Todd, a young man whose world is turned upside down at the sudden appearance of the shapeshifting Jamie. Intrigued for reasons he doesn't fully understand, Todd follows Jaime and gets caught up in Jamie's hijinks that involve kidnapping — and later couchsurfing with — a stranger linked to a man Jamie has been searching for. In addition to being a genetics-defying shapeshifter, Jamie has prophetic dreams — dreams that indicate a specific man and woman will help Jamie change the world.


Cut to our man, aptly named "Manny," a warm-hearted omnisexual with a nomadic drive and a 14-year-old son. The pair are on their way to Canada to visit Manny's brother, but in the meantime they've picked up a traveling companion. Tye is a flamboyantly dressed but painfully shy fellow on the run from a place and a family who, while nice enough, never really understood him. Manny quickly welcomes Tye into his extended family circle, which includes a friend in desperate need of a favor. If Manny is to save the world, it's through his easy acceptance of others.

We're still at the beginning of Todd and Jamie's journey, but we've learned a bit about these characters and their views on life. Jamie has plenty of insights on identity and gender (Jamie's sex changes fluidly and frequently, not Jamie's gender), but it will be interesting to see if Manny and the woman Jamie is searching for have a thing or two to teach Jamie about life.


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