Jamo i200 Speakers for iPod Look and Sound Danish

Hurrah for Danish Laydeez Birgitte Smedegaard and Stine Weiss, who have knocked up these Jamo i200 iPod speakers in their garden shed. And they're not too pricey, either—we found them for $149—which is not bad for the crisp sound they will give to your choons. Available in black and white, you can either wallmount it, or stick it on your shelves and have everyone admire it. Remote controlled, the sound system has separate woofers and tweeters, and you can even connect it up to a separate subwoofer should you want more power, Captain.

And while we're at it, hurrah for Brigitte Nielsen too—I'm pretty sure you could wallmount her if you ask nicely.


Product Page [B&H Photo Video via Crave at CNET.co.uk]

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